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About Us

Webby’s Plantation is a family-owned diner that is in the heart of Florida Plantation.  Families are able to find here a very friendly environment. Ilo and here Team create freshly cooked dishes every day which everybody can enjoy.

Further About Us

Webbys is one of Plantations hidden gems. One of Plantations first “Neighborhood” pubs, although Robert “Webby” Webster has been around since the early 80’s. His first subshop/bar was located on Davie Blvd, then moved to Broward and East Acre, where most followed. Now we are located on Cypress road in Plantation, between 69th & 70th (Behind the Publix!) YES…he still sees and feeds many of the same customers!! He has watched kids grow up, riding their bikes up for a sandwich & a quick pool game after school to those same kids that now belly up to the bar for a beer, occasionally they try their luck on the pool table again, but hes pretty tough to beat!! MY POINT, Webbys is what a REAL neighborhood place is all about!!:)!! Definitly feel at home even if its your first visit… Webbys is a down-home, like your mommas comfort cooking, offering everything from homemade french toast to mac daddy omelets for breakfast and homemade spaghetti & gravy with homemade meatballs to The best meatloaf & mashed potatoes you’ve ever had!! All of the soups are homemade, all of the desserts are homemade, brownies to banana pudding..milkshakes too!! We have new lunch specials everyday, but always the “comforts of home” food… Makes a delicious shepherds pie too! And if its not on the menu, make a “My Sandwich”- 1/2lb of whatever meat you chose, cheese, spreads, veggies, you get the point! AND if thats not hittin your tatstbuds, tell him what you want! Something your craving but not on the menu, no prob!! Webby has no problem “dreaming something up” for ya either…The restaurant is open from 6:30am–2pm, sometimes later but never earlier!!! We have a seperate bar, kiddos welcome if the parents desire, lots of locals, a pool table, darts, 5 TVs 1 72″ for the VERY imPOtent stuff….We have all the games, great beer specials and SERIOUSLY THE COLDEST BEER IN TOWN, TRY ME!  Always a friendly face around and a great jukebox… not on there?? Download it!! Pretty great!! Did I mention that the beer is damn cold!! So if you havent tried us out yet, your missin out!!!!Get in here and join our neighborhood restaurant/watering hole!! Good drink, Good food, Good friends!!! CHEERS!!!

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11 August

Chicken Wings

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